PRESIDENT Donna Kay Whited
SECRETARY Chia-Chi (Ola) Chang
TREASURER Beth Mailand

ABOUT OUR PRESIDENT, Giulia Gaglioti Askins


  • Diploma Conservatorio di Santa Cecilia - Rome, Italy.
  • Piano Performance
  • San Jose State University, B.A in Piano Performance
Continuing Education
  • George Mason University, Fairfax, VA
  • Nuova Consonanza, Rome, Italy
  • University of Maryland, College Park, MD
  • Graduate work in Pedagogy and Piano Performance at SJSU, San Jose, CA
  • Member of VMTA, NVMTA, FMC, American College of Musicians
  • Adjudicator for NVMTA and Piano Guild Auditions.
  • Chairperson for the Burke, VA Piano Guild Center since 2009
  • Member of Springfield Music Club since 2017
Mentors and Distinguished Teachers
  • Maestro Giuseppe Scotese, Faculty, St. Cecilia Conservatory, Founder and director of Nuova Consonanza. First to record the piano sonatas of Giovanni Benedetto Platti.
  • Prof. Aiko Onishi, author of “Pianism” - Faculty, San Jose State University, CA
  • Dr. Larissa Dedova, University of Maryland, Adjudicator Kapell Piano competition
Professional and Music Experience:
  • She has performed and maintained piano studios in Tripoli, Libya; Monterey, California; Berlin, Germany, independently and officially for the United States Commander of Berlin (USCOB), to create a music program for the children of American personnel; and Rome, Italy, her country of origin.
  • For the last 25 years she has made her home in Northern Virginia where she has a thriving full time teaching studio. Many of her former piano students have received awards and honors and continued their music studies at Julliard, James Madison University, Boston Conservatory and others.
  • Besides teaching, Ms. Askins has enjoyed Opera Coaching (Italian opera in particular) in Monterey, California, for the students of noted baritone and former professor of voice at the Moscow State School of Theatre, maestro Simeon Tregubov, and more recently in Northern Virginia.
  • Music, Martial Arts and Languages.


*Alice Leestma, 1964-1966 Linda D. Lind, 1987-1989
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Joy Harvey, 1968-1969 Anita Renfroe, 1991-1992
*Frances Barnes, 1969-1971 Mary Kay Plath, 1992-1994
Pat Hardison Lotane, 1971-1973 Catherine French, 1994-1996
*Norma Ramberg, 1973-1975 Susan Curtis, 1996-1997
Marjorie Gloyd, 1975-1977 Debra Gunnerson, 1997-1999
Mae Stefano Mather, 1977-1978 Dottie Turner 1999-2001
*Patricia A. Huff, 1978-1980 Mary Kay Plath, 2001-2003
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Toby Rotman, 1981-1983 Audrey Peterbark Ross, 2007-2009
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Susan Maher, 2015-2017

* deceased

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